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2011-09-14 16:46:48

CentOS-5.7 released

CentOS v5.7 has been released and these updates are now available via YUM for 5106R users.

Category: General
Posted by: mstauber

As some of you may already have noticed: has released CentOS v5.7. For a typical BlueOnyx 5106R this means around 100MB of YUM updates, including updated Apache, Sendmail, OpenSSL and OpenSSH RPMs.

So far we haven't spotted any troubles after the installation of the CentOS v5.7 updates on BlueOnyx 5106R servers.

As the updates also include an updated glibc, it would certainly be recommended to reboot your server after the installation of these updates.

Within the next couple of days we will release updated ISO images of BlueOnyx 5106R on CentOS v5.7 and an updated OpenVZ OS template of BlueOnyx 5106R.

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