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Almost got it working on SL6.

Soooo ... Scientific Linux 6 and I got real comfy and spent a productive night together. And in daylight "she" still looks as pretty as during the night.

I got one build environment set up for SL6 which builds the RPMs and feeds them to the 5107R YUM repository. Additionally a devel VPS running 5107R on SL6 has been set up. After merging in the last code changes I built and installed the latest 5107R RPMs on the devel box and did run into a few new issues:


  • blueonyx-yumconf needed an update for the new mirror situation (fixed)
  • base-mailman.mod needed a small PHP-5.3 fix (fixed)
  • base-time.mod: The pulldowns to set TZ and time weren't working right. Function time() also now ignores the TZ and uses GMT. (Fixed)
  • base-user.mod: Unable to create new sites due to issues with some handlers. (fixed)
  • base-network.mod: Small update to network constructors. (fixed)
  • base-dns.mod had a few issues (fixed - sort of)
  • 5107R-shell-tools (fixed)

Still open:

  • AdmServ's php.ini still needs to have register_globals and register_long_globals set to on
  • CMU isn't done yet
  • PAM still needs our PAM_ABL support added
  • base-phpsysinfo.mod needs to be updated to the latest version
  • base-java.mod needs an overhaul from tomcat5 to tomcat6
  • CCE's debugging info needs to be removed
  • /etc/sysconfig/i18n needs LC_ALL switched from en_US to en_US.UTF-8
  • BTO post installer needs to switch timezone to /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Eastern
  • base-snmpd.mod: SNMPd in a VPS bitches about missing /proc/partitions
  • POPrelayd monitoring through Active Monitor doesn't work. Broken in 5106R as well.

So while there are still a few open issues to tackle, BlueOnyx 5107R on SL6 is comming along nicely. Haven't run into an error in the GUI pages for hours now and what is currently there seems to work fine during casual inspections.

Still: The purely manual install of BlueOnyx 5107R on SL6 is at the moment a bit tricky due to a couple of hotfixes that need to be applied to fire up the GUI. Those will soon be smoothened out through updated packages and a dedicated installer.

Likewise the missing functionality (CMU, php-sysinfo.mod, base-java.mod) needs to be added and then we're almost there.

Jun 26, 2011 Category: Development Posted by: mstauber
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