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Live Demo

A live demo of BlueOnyx 5209R is available if you want to take a look. The demo will not allow you to modify any settings and you can't create or delete sites, users and therelike. But it still gives a good first impression of what to expect. BlueOnyx 5209R runs on EL7 (CentOS 7 or Scientific Linux 7) and is slightly more advanced than BlueOnyx 5207R/5208R (which runs on EL6, CentOS 6 or Scientific Linux 6). However: They use the same GUI, although BlueOnyx 5207R/5208R has slightly less options.

Demo login details:

Various accounts with different rights are available in the demo. Please note: The passwords have a "dot" at the end.

Server Administrator:

Username: admin
Password: demo123.


Username: blueonyx
Password: demo123.


Username: siteadmin
Password: demo123.

Unprivileged Vsite User:

Username: user
Password: demo123.

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