Upgrade instructions

This guide explains how to upgrade a BlueOnyx 5107R to 5207R or how to upgrade a 5108R to 5208R.

Step 1:

Confirm that the box is actually a 5107R or 5108R. Because if it is not, then the next steps will make it pretty unusable.

So confirm that the box is a 5107R *or* 5108R.

#> cat /etc/build 

Check that it *DOES* say this ...

build ****** for a 5107R in en_US

.. or that:

build ****** for a 5108R in en_US

If it says "5107R" or "5108R" it's good for an upgrade. If it shows anything else ... then DO NOT perform the next steps.

Especially DO NOT attempt to use the next steps on a 5106R.

Sorry for repeating myself here, but you know how it goes. Someone will actually do it anyway (despite the warnings) and will kill his server.

Step 2:

Install the BlueOnyx 520XR Yum Repository config:

#> rpm -hUv http://devel.blueonyx.it/pub/BlueOnyx/5200R/el6/blueonyx/i386/RPMS/blueonyx-yumconf-2.1.0-2.noarch.rpm

It doesn't matter if your box is 32-bit or 64-bit. This file is the same for all 520XR architectures and will then use the correct YUM repository for the upgrade and all subsequent updates.

Step 3:

#> yum clean all ; yum update

This will do the update to either 5207R or 5208R depending on your architecture.

Step 4:

Run this script:

#> /usr/sausalito/sbin/SSL_fixer.pl

That will create the now necessary SSL Vhost containers for SSL enabled Vsites.

Step 5:

Login to the GUI at the new URL:


Step 6:


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