BlueOnyx 5211R: OpenDKIM support (updated)

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We just released YUM updates for BlueOnyx 5210R and 5211R that add OpenDKIM support.

BlueOnyx 5210R and 5211R now comes with built in OpenDKIM support.

Usage Guide:

In "Server Management" / "Services" / "Email" navigate to the tab "OpenDKIM" to configure and enable OpenDKIM.

Enabling OpenDKIM on a Vsite:

In the GUI go to the Vsite in question and navigate to "Services" / "Email". If the Vsite does not already have DKIM enabled, you can tick the checkbox "EnableOpenDKIM" and it will automatically create the DKIM keys. If your BlueOnyx server has its DNS server enabled, then the GUI will also automatically create a DNS TXT Record with the required data.

The image below shows how it looks when a Vsite has OpenDKIM enabled and configured.

If you are not using the onboard DNS server of your BlueOnyx but host your DNS elsewhere? In that case this GUI page should present you with all the information that you need to copy and paste to the DNS records of your separate DNS server.

Please note: Unticking the checkbox "Enable OpenDKIM" on a Vsite and saving will remove the DKIM key and DNS record for the Vsite in question. But of course you can use the same GUI page again to recreate a new key and DNS record.

Active Monitor:

OpenDKIM is a daemon that runs in the background (if the service is enabled) and ties into the MTA (Postfix or Sendmail) via Milter. The GUI manages this automatically for you. An Active Monitor component will make sure that the service OpenDKIM remains running when it should be running.

Special note for 5210R AV-SPAM Users:

If you use the AV-SPAM Package on BlueOnyx 5210R, then please make sure to install all YUM updates. The AV-SPAM YUM repository has a new RPM that hotfixes some problems with the generation of and that include both the AV-SPAM as well as the OpenDKIM milter provisions. The combination of AV-SPAM + OpenDKIM works fine ou of the box if Postfix is the MTA, but if your MTA is still sendmail, you need all YUM updates to be installed to get the Sendmail related hotfix.

Additionally: AV-SPAM 7.1.17-1 for BlueOnyx 5210R has just been released. This already includes all fixes and will work fine on BlueOnyx 5210R in conjunction with OpenDKIM.

Jan 5, 2023 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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