BlueOnyx needs your help

We're currently undertaking several large development projects to modernize BlueOnyx and to make your daily server management tasks easier. This is a lot of work and we're short on funding to get it done in a reasonable time frame. If you like BlueOnyx and it provides and added value to your enterprise, then please consider funding the further development of our just released BlueOnyx 5211R with a donation. We're trying to raise an additional 8.000,- Euros (~8000 USD) in order to tackle additional items from our to-do list - such as giving it a more modern theme or at least renovating the existing GUI theme.

Here is what we're working on:

BlueOnyx 5211R for AlmaLinux 9 / RockyLinux 9 / RHEL9

In November 2021 RHEL9 beta was released and we started the preliminary development of BlueOnyx 5211R for EL9. Due to many architectural changes in the OS it took four months (fulltime) to adapt the existing BlueOnyx code-base to EL9 and BlueOnyx 5211R was finally released on 21st November 2022. As usual there a few kinks to iron out such as installation issues and the odd bug and other improvement. But it's now reached a stable state.

The Code SVN is here and the YUM repository can be found here and here. And of course you can download the ISO image and Disk Image(s) on our download page.


  BlueOnyx is available free of charge. For all purposes, may they be personal, commercial, educational or whatever else you might want to use it for. However: Keeping BlueOnyx updated, adding new features to it and releasing updated ISO images is a lot of work. If you like BlueOnyx, then please consider donating something to the project. Thank you and enjoy using BlueOnyx!


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