First (experimental) full install

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A first look at BlueOnyx 5107R.

After compiling and installing all dependencies and all BlueOnyx related modules it is time to take a first look at the results.

As expected I'd had to re-enable "register_globals" in AdmServ's php.ini again just to be able to login to the GUI. That'll eventually be fixed, but for now the "old ways" have to make do.

The initial installation wizard craps out big time half way in the middle and required plenty of fixes and temporary work arounds just to make it through. Once logged in to the GUI for the first time I was greeted by so many error messages that I could cry. Wherver you clicked, you got "this and that function is deprecated" and bits and pieces of the UI refused to show up.

Do you speak i18n?

To make matters worse: On every 2nd click on a link the GUI would loose the language settings and instead of showing the English texts it would show the i18n locale IDs instead. After some digging around Rickard pointed out that our English locales are stored in /usr/share/locale/en/ and newer Linux OS's expected the default locale to rather be the five digit form (like 'en_US") than the two digit form (like 'en') that we were currently using.

That basically meant: We had to go through each and any module, copy the 'en' locales to 'en_US', change the RPM build process to ignore 'en' locales and to build the 'en_US' locales instead. It also required to change certain aspects of the GUI to default to the 'en_US' locales where applicable. That already was a two day effort.

Don't go 'deprectated' on me, baby!

The rest of the weekend was spent hunting through code, finding and fixing all the ereg(), eregi(), preg_replace(), pregi_replace() and split() functions. While this is still work in progress, the more visible half of the GUI is already fixed and doesn't throw any errors anymore. And I haven't created a test site yet just to see what kind of surprises lie in wait over there!

Fun, fun, fun ...


Jun 6, 2010 Category: Development Posted by: mstauber