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2014-12-11 03:21:19

New ISO images released

Updated ISO images for BlueOnyx have been released.

Category: General
Posted by: mstauber

Updated ISO images for the following BlueOnyx versions have been released:


  • BlueOnyx-5208R-SL-6.6-20141209.iso
  • BlueOnyx-5208R-CentOS-6.6-20141209.iso


  • BlueOnyx-5207R-SL-6.6-20141209.iso
  • BlueOnyx-5207R-CentOS-6.6-20141209.iso


  • BlueOnyx-5108R-SL-6.6-20141209.iso
  • BlueOnyx-5108R-CentOS-6.6-20141209.iso


  • BlueOnyx-5107R-SL-6.6-20141209.iso
  • BlueOnyx-5107R-CentOS-6.6-20141209.iso

These images are fully up to date (as of todays date) and also include fully updated first and second stage installers that contain the latest Kernel and drivers. Therefore we again have the same full hardware coverage that the latest "stock" CentOS 6 and Scientific Linux 6 ISO images provide.

The updated ISO images can be found at the usual download locations.

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