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2015-01-22 20:28:09

BlueOnyx 5207R/5208R updates

Updates for BlueOnyx 5207R and 5208R have just been released.

Category: General
Posted by: mstauber

The following updates have just been release for BlueOnyx 5207R and 5208R:


Backported several fixes from 5209R to 5207R/5208R. This includes handling for session cookies, changes to the login page and small fixes in the native CCE PHP library. Additionally the UIFC element PagedBlock() got updated to display error messages from form handling in a slightly different place. That way error messages are now always shown in the visible area of the page even if the error itself occured on an inactive tab. That's how it should have been in first place.


The GUI page for modifying a user account was throwing errors on password changes if the two entered passwords did not match or were too simple or too short. This has been fixed.

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