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Updates for BlueOnyx were released today are are now available through YUM.

The following updates for BlueOnyx were released today and are now available through YUM:

 blueonyx-dnstoolbox     i386       1.0.3-1.centos5  BlueOnyx          8.8 k
     replacing  nuonce-dnsImport.i386 2.1-2

 base-email-capstone     noarch     1.3.2-0BQ48.centos5  BlueOnyx           12 k
 base-email-glue         noarch     1.3.2-0BQ48.centos5  BlueOnyx           38 k
 base-email-locale-da_DK  noarch     1.3.2-0BQ48.centos5  BlueOnyx           16 k
 base-email-locale-de_DE  noarch     1.3.2-0BQ48.centos5  BlueOnyx           16 k
 base-email-locale-en    noarch     1.3.2-0BQ48.centos5  BlueOnyx           15 k
 base-email-locale-ja    noarch     1.3.2-0BQ48.centos5  BlueOnyx           16 k
 base-email-ui           noarch     1.3.2-0BQ48.centos5  BlueOnyx           16 k

Transaction Summary
Install      1 Package(s)
Update       7 Package(s)
Remove       0 Package(s)

Total download size: 138 k

These packages address the following issues:


This RPM now obsoletes (and therefore uninstalls) the NuOnce dnsImport RPM. The new replacement RPM contains an improved dnsImport.pl script and also some other command line utilities for manipulating DNS. Additionally all the DNS toolbox utilities are now located at a different path:

Script: Purpose:


Allows you to import DNS records. Just call the script and point it to a directory that contains your DNS zone files which you want to import.
/usr/sausalito/sbin/dnsDeleteAllRecords.pl Script to delete each and any DNS records on your server. Use with care! Requires server 'admin' password in order to perform the deletion.
/usr/sausalito/sbin/dnsMassChange.pl Script that allows to perform mass DNS changes from the command line. For example it allows to change all DNS records that have the IP X.X.X.X to the IP Y.Y.Y.Y instead.
/usr/sausalito/sbin/dnsMXmassChange.pl Script that allows you to perform mass DNS changes to MX records. Can be used to change all MX records that currently point to mail.host.com to another email host. Can also be used to change each and any MX record to a single specifyable new mail server.



This module has been updated with the functionality to configure and manage secondary email services for domains.

Mar 20, 2009 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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