New ISO image released

Posted by: mstauber Category: General

We just released an updated ISO image of BlueOnyx.

We just released an updated BlueOnyx ISO image which allows you to directly install a CentOS 5.3 + BlueOnyx.

The ISO images is named BlueOnyx-5.3-20090801.iso and is available for download from the usual mirrors.

It contains 127 updated RPMs since the last ISO from April and is fully up to date as of 1st August 2009.

Additionally we removed the feature that the install of BlueOnyx starts automatically when you boot off the ISO and don't press any key for 10 minutes. This new ISO now waits indefenitely for a key press before it does anything. Still: We would like to remind people to eject the CD after installing off it and/or not to leave the CD in the CD-ROM if your PC is set to automatically boot off the CD. Unless you really want to re-install the OS.

Aug 1, 2009 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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