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2009-08-24 18:36:39

CentOS kernel vulnerability - official patch

An official kernel update is now available in the CentOS yum repositories which addresses the recently found vulnerabilities.

Category: General
Posted by: mstauber

With an unprecedented speed (same day as RedHat) the team has released an updated CentOS5 kernel: 



This updated kernel fixes two important security holes (CVE-2009-2698 and CVE-2009-2692) which could allow that a local unprivileged user runs a denial of service attack against your server, or which could allow the attacker to gain root privileges.


Additionally it fixes a potential memory leak.


We recommend that you run "yum update" as soon as possible and then also reboot your BlueOnyx so that the updated Kernel comes into effect.


Users who already have installed our unofficial CentOS5 kernel from the BlueOnyx testing repository (see here) should also "yum update" and reboot.


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