64-bit testing started

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64-bit, here we come!

Chris Gebhardt from Virtbiz.com (who already sponsored and hosts our pirmary server) donated a second box for 64-bit development and RPM building. Thank you very much!

After setting up the build environment I started the compile run and the YUM repository for BlueOnyx 5108R on CentOS-6 (64-bit) is now populated with a first batch of RPMs.

The 5107R and 5108R RPMs are both at the same "level" of development. So they have the same "bugs" and features. But having said that let me also add that the development came along quite nicely during the last few days.

There is a steady progress and the amount of visible error messages in the GUI is constantly shrinking.

There is still plenty to do, though. Especially considering the now still experimental Postfix implementation and the (planned) Mailman integration. Some modules are still missing dependencies (phpMyAdmin, base-sysinfo.mod) and neither CMU nor dns-toolbox or the shell-tools are ready for either 5107R or 5108R.

But so far things are looking pretty good and I am quite certain that we'll be ready with plenty of room to spare way before CentOS-6.0 is released. \o/

Jun 8, 2010 Category: Development Posted by: mstauber
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