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The support for suPHP shapes up and is about finished.

The support for suPHP shapes up and is about finished. During the last night I ironed out the remaining bugs and glitches and also added the missing pages that allow siteAdmins and serverAdmins to chown all files and folders of a site to either "nobody", or an existing siteAdmin. Additionally the serverAdmin (and only he!) can choose to chown the /web folder of a site to user "apache".

So the typical procedure to switch a site from regular PHP usage to suPHP would be:

Click on "Services" / "Web" for that site and enable "suPHP" support.

Then click on "Services" / "Web Ownership"  (this is new) and choose one of the existing siteAdmins to be the owner of the /web folder. Save the changes and then your site uses suPHP just fine.

Additionally I went through base-subdomains.mod and ironed out an old bug which prevented PHP from working altogether on any subdomains. This was due to the missing flags for the PHP security settings such as open_basedir and therelike.

I fixed that. And while at it, I also added the suPHP support to subdomains. So if you have suPHP enabled and create a subdomain, then that subdomain will also use suPHP.

With that out of the way, the plan is now to backport the respective 5107R modules straight away to 5106R, as suPHP support is quite nice to have.

Jul 4, 2010 Category: Development Posted by: mstauber
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