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Critical updates for BlueOnyx 5106R have been released that fix a problem with the Majordomo alias file.

The following critical updates for BlueOnyx 5106R have been released to the (public) YUM repository:

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These updates contain the following fixes: 


Roger Elve reported a problem with the Majordomo mailing list implementation on BlueOnyx 5106R. Apparently the Majordomo alias file (/etc/mail/aliases.majordomo) got modified whenever a site was added and accidentially this added the fully qualified domain name of sites in front of each line. THAT was of course a major issue, as it broke mailing list functionality (assuming you still had Majordomo installed and had not made the switch to Mailman).

Unfortunately it took all night to track this bug down. Although the troublesome RPMs had been released only recently, the faulty code had sneaked into the 5107R code tree about a year ago and was recently merged down into the 5106R code repository, from where it got released alongside some more recent changes.

Of course when you look for a recently appeared bug, you check the last modifications and take the investigations from there. The bughunt got even more complicated, as the problem could as well have come from another recently updated module. In the end I also updated perl-handler-utils to assist in the debugging procedure. Which then uncovered the root cause of the problem easily. Thanks again to Roger Elve for reporting this critical bug!

If you are using Majordomo and recently added a new site, then please check your Majordomo alias file (/etc/mail/aliases.majordomo) and make sure that the lines in it do not begin with with the fully qualified domain name of your sites. If they do, then remove the domain names from the beginning of all affected lines. Then run this command as "root":

makemap hash /etc/mail/aliases.majordomo.db < /etc/mail/aliases.majordomo

Afterwards restart Sendmail:

/etc/init.d/sendmail restart


This module contains a lot of the so called "Sauce" of Sausalito: It has Perl libraries which are used throughout the GUI for various functions. Such as editing files for example (which is just one of many functions it can perform). I extended the module Sauce.pm's debugging switch with the ability to log file edits to /var/log/messages, which then in turn gives a better idea which handler is modifying which file with which new data.

Jul 1, 2011 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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