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2011-07-20 20:49:16

Yet more fixes for 5107R

Today another set of fixes was rolled out for 5107R.

Category: Development
Posted by: mstauber

Well, today I wasn't really a happy camper. Yesterdays update to base-swupdate.mod has the tendency to "swallow" the YUM repository config files and to dump them into /etc/yum.repos.d/oldrepos/, which effectively disables all repositories.

Until this is fixed, I rolled the changes back and re-released a previous version of base-swupdate.mod with a higher version number.

Additionally it was time to tackle the lingering Dovecot v2.0 integration issues. The Dovecot we're running on 5107R is much newer than the Dovecot v1.1 which we still use on 5106R. It does quite a few things differently and also the config files (and their format) is different. On top of that we had been running Dovecot with the stock SL 6.0 configs, which didn't take the location of our Mbox files into account.

A release of an updated base-blueonyx.mod took care of this. There still are things in Dovecot's config files which we may want to change in the long run, but at least it now does what it's supposed to do.

This prompts me to also build a new OS template and another Beta ISO image, which will be out within the next hour.

However: If nothing else pops up that screams "fix me!", then we can end the Beta phase sometime during the next week.

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