Introducing BlueOnyx

It is the mission of BlueOnyx to provide a fully-integrated Internet hosting platform that includes web, email, DNS and file transfer services from a simple, user-friendly web-based interface that is easily installed on commodity hardware or virtual private server. As an Open Source initiative, BlueOnyx will always be free to download, install and use. BlueOnyx also maintains the BlueOnyx Shop where vendors may offer commercial plug-ins to extend features and enhance functionality.

BlueOnyx is open source software, released under a Sun modified BSD license. BlueOnyx is a modernized fork of BlueQuartz and has been developed by SOLARSPEED.NET. A lot of improvements and enhancements went into BlueOnyx over the years and we are comitted to develop it further.

The latest version of BlueOnyx is BlueOnyx 5210R (for RHEL8 and clones) and was released in October 2019. BlueOnyx 5210R will run on CentOS 8 (not "CentOS Stream"), AlmaLinux (our favorite choice) and RockyLinux.

BlueOnyx includes reseller management, Chrooted Jails, SFTP, Docker integration, support for Java Servlet Pages, built in email statistics, Imapsync email migrations, SSH key/cert management, phpMyAdmin for you and your webhosting clients and provisions to automatically create MySQL databases and users for each virtual site.

A list of features and improvements is available here.

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