SVN repository:

The SVN code repository for BlueOnyx is available here.

Bug reporting:

If you encounter any bugs in BlueOnyx, then please let us know on the BlueOnyx mailing list.


We're always glad if people share their experience and contribute code, ideas or concepts with us. If you know of a feature or have an idea for an improvement, then please let us know. We're also looking for experienced BlueOnyx or BlueQuartz coders and/or translators, which can help to develop BlueOnyx further.

Want the BlueOnyx GUI in a language that's not yet supported? Consider to help us to help you and contribute to the translation efforts.


  • Michael Stauber
  • Hisao Shibuya
  • Greg Kuhnert
  • Juerg Sommer
  • Rickard Osser
  • Brian N. Smith
  • Martin Falkner
  • Michael Aronoff
  • Taco Scargo
  • Steve Howes
  • Christoph Schneeberger
  • Oliver Paukstadt (Raspberry PI port of BlueOnyx)
  • Oisin Lavery (Adminica Theme of the 520XR GUI)
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