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We are located outside of the European Union and therefore not subject to European laws or regulations. We have no control over who visits our webpage and we will not voluntarily penalize ourselves if a visitor from the European Union visits our page. We do however follow all applicable local laws to the letter. EU regulators seem to be of the opinion that foreign entities also need to comply with their regulations even if they do not have offices in the European Union. Which violates the basic principles of law such as habeas corpus and no taxation without representation. We strongly resent this overregulative notion as it is our opinion that the EU has no legal basis to tell us how we do what we're doing unless our own government enters into bilateral agreements with the EU on these very matters.

That being said: Our servers only keep logfiles for 14 days and any transitional server logfile data that is stored beyond that period is properly anonymized, secured and used only for internal statistical purposes. Your data is not shared with any third party entities, nor does this website need registration nor does it use cookies.

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