BlueOnyx 5108R released

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We are happy to anounce the release of the 64-bit version of BlueOnyx 5108R.

So far BlueOnyx had only been available as 32-bit version (5106R on CentOS 5.7, or 5107R on Scientific Linux 6.1).

While this isn't much of a limitation for a general purpose internet server, there sure are times and purpose where 64-bit may offer some extra advantages.

After the recent release of BlueOnyx 5107R and solving the few toothing problems that showed up, we shifted our development focuss to porting BlueOnyx to 64-bit. This endeavour turned out to be easier than anticipated and therefore we can now release our 64-bit BlueOnyx 5108R a bit earlier than expected.

In terms of features, functionality and ease of install it is identical to BlueOnyx 5107R and from now on both 5107R and 5108R will be very close cousins code wise and update wise.

The CD version of BlueOnyx 5108R is named BlueOnyx-5108R-SL-6.1-20110916.iso and can be downloaded from the usuall download locations indicated on this page.

A Tar-Ball version and an OpenVZ template of BlueOnyx 5108R will be made available within the next couple of days.

Sep 16, 2011 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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