Release of 5108R

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That went well then! Time to release BlueOnyx 5108R.

After a night and a day of testing BlueOnyx 5108R I was surprised how little problems I found. In fact, I didn't find any.

While exhaustive testing may possibly turn up something that has been overlooked, I'm not sure if a few more days of testing done by just a few people would uncover problems with that much efficiency as an early release.

In the end if it really goes wrong, we can always fire our Q&A department.  Oh, wait. We don't have that, as we didn't pay them enough. What a shame. ;o)

No, what really speaks for an early relase of 5108R without a week of testing is the fact that there is very, very little code difference between 5107R and 5108R. Pretty much only our 'cce', 'i18n' and 'base-java' modules needed some special treatment to make them 64-bit ready. And even there this special treatmeant deals mostly with the placement of libraries, which - under 64-bit - reside in /lib64/* instead of /lib/*.

The rest was just a straight job where the existing code was just recompiled on a 64-bit build system.

We'll see. But I'm very optimistic that 5108R will work out just fine.

Sep 16, 2011 Category: Development Posted by: mstauber
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