CMU v2.90 released

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A new 'Cobalt Migration Utility' (CMU) has been released.

The following YUM updates have just been released:

510*R-cmu-2.90-0BX01 (5106R, 5107R + 5108R):

This update contains an improved "Cobalt Migration Utility" (CMU). It fixes two problems:

1.) If suPHP is enabled for a Vsite and you cmuExport the site, then the private tarball of the Vsite data contains the separate php.ini of the Vsite. During cmuImport this will cause a problem when CMU tries to overwrite the chattrib protected php.ini that was generated during Vsite creation. To fix this issue the updated CMU will no longer pack up the php.ini file. It is not needed, as the PHP related settings are inherited during migration anyway.

2.) If a cmuExport contained sites or users that were over their allocated disk quota, then the cmuImport will throw tons of errors onto the screen and will also write off random junk data to various places on the file system. Such as the current work directories and/or the home directory of the user you are using for the import and/or the Vsite home directory. Additionally the import may get corrupted and/or may miss files.

To fix this the procedure used during cmuImport was revised:

a.) During cmuImport Vsites and users are now created with unlimited disk quota first.

b.) Then the tarballs containing the public and private files of the Vsites and users are imported.

c.) Once the Vsites and users are imported, a script fixes lingering UID/GID issues on the imported files.

d.) Finally the disk quota for Vsites and users are set to the supposed values as intended.

The new CMU therefore makes it possible to seamlessly migrate between architectures, even if Vsites or users have exceeded their allowed disk quota.

The new CMU RPMs have been published to the respective YUM repositories for BlueOnyx.

Additionally a new PKG for BlueQuartz 5102R was also rolled up and is available here.

Feb 5, 2012 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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