5107R/5108R: Scientific 6.2 released

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Scientific Linux 6.2 has been released. OS updates for BlueOnyx 5107R and 5108R will be available shortly.

Scientific Linux 6.2 has just been released, bringing the popular RHEL6 clone and base OS for BlueOnyx closer to RHEL6.2 standards.

As common for SL-6, updates between minor versions of the OS don't happen automatically. If you run SL-6.1, manual intervention is usually necessary to "step up" towards SL-6.2. With BlueOnyx we automated this procedure to perform a more seamless upgrade of all BlueOnyx servers to current standards.

After testing of BlueOnyx 5107R and 5108R on SL-6.2 we now push things along and just published a small update to the BlueOnyx YUM repositories which - after yet another YUM update - will upgrade your BlueOnyx 5107R or 5108R from Scientific Linux 6.1 to Scientific Linux 6.2.

Updated ISO images for BlueOnyx 5107R and 5108R as well as updated OS templates for OpenVZ and Aventurin{e} will be made available shortly.

Feb 16, 2012 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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