5106R/5107R/5108R YUM updates

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YUM updates for BlueOnyx 5106R, 5107R and 5108R have been released today.

The following YUM updates have just been released:

base-network (5106R, 5107R + 5108R):

Updated constructor/30_addNetwork.pl to correctly set mac address in Ethernet CODB database objects.

base-swupdate.mod (5106R, 5107R + 5108R):

Maintenance release for better handling of third party PKGs. Added ability to use version number with release information in PKG files. Added several new flags to PKGs to handle installs and updates in a better fashion. We also now use the Perl module Sort::Versions to compare version numbers. So the new dependency for perl-Sort-Versions has been added, so that this RPM will be installed automatically.

base-vsite (5106R, 5107R + 5108R):

Improved the PHP settings GUI pages (Server and Vsite). The pulldows for supported PHP switches now not only display the hard coded supported values, but also any unsupported value that a user may have manually added to his php.ini file.

sausalito-cce-client/server (5106R, 5107R + 5108R):

Added the parameters 'hash' and 'rehash' to the RC script '/etc/init.d/cced.init'. Also improved the 'reload' parameter of cced.init.

What it does:

'/etc/init.d/cced.init hash' starts CCEd without running any constructors.

'/etc/init.d/cced.init rehash' restarts CCEd without running any constructors.

'/etc/init.d/cced.init reload' reloads CCEd without running any constructors.

Starting, restarting or reloading CCEd without constructors is useful when there are no changes to constructors or other system changes which require running the constructors. Espcially during some PKG installs it may be desireable not to force CCEd to cold restart, but to jumpstart it by not running the constructors.

Mar 8, 2012 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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