5106R/5107R/5108R YUM updates

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A massive BlueOnyx update was released today with the goal to improve support for multiple languages.


I think for once we will forego the listing of what was updated, because it boils down to this: Everything.

The updates for 5106R, 5107R and 5108R contain roughly 260 RPMs for each platform.

The most visible and most apparent changes are:

  • The language "Japanese" is being replace by "Japanese (Japan)" (all platforms)
  • On 5106R the language "English" is replaced with "English (USA)"
  • Auto-Responder messages will no longer vanish from the GUI if the previously entered message contained umlauts, special characters such as accent, acute or others.
  • Auto-Responder messages are now emailed in UTF-8 encoding (or EUC-JP if Japanese).
  • The Japanese GUI on 5107R/5108R will no longer toggle between Kanji and unencoded shorthands.

More information about this update can be found in this development blog article.

Suggested post install fixes:

/etc/init.d/cced.init restart
/etc/init.d/admserv restart

5106R only: In the GUI under "Personal Profile" the default language may be
shown as "Danish", although it is set to "English (USA)" now. This problem can
be fixed by simply setting the language to what you want it to be and then
click on "Save" again.

Updated ISO images and OS templates are being prepared at the moment and should become available during the day.


Apr 1, 2012 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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