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We usually don't mention commercial product updates here, but this time it's necessary. Both to avoid questions and because people have actually been waiting for the AV-SPAM so that they can move to 5207R or 5208R.

The all new AV-SPAM v6.0.0 is now available for *ALL* versions of BlueOnyx. if you have the old AV-SPAM v5, then please upgrade to the new version.

With the release of the AV-SPAM v6.0.0 all our PKGs are now available for all versions of BlueOnyx.


AV-Spam v6

Email gateway virus and SPAM filtering with GUI interface and web based statistics and tight integration into the BlueOnyx GUI.

Not too many years ago SPAM and Email-Virii were a nuisance that one had to deal with off and on. But nowadays each mailserver usually gets hammered with a constant barrage of SPAM and Virii.

So every modern mailserver should have relieable means in place to protect its users from both Virii and SPAM. Since 1998 we are providing providing software for Suasalito enabled devices. The initial AV-Spam was conceived in 2002 and has since then seen many releases for supported platforms. Since 2008 it is available for BlueOnyx to protect your email users against SPAM and virii.

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Built in components:

Clam AV Milter:

To check email traffic for virii we tie Clam AV directly into Sendmail through Clam AV Milter. Using the Clam AV daemon (which runs persistantly in the background for best performance) all emails are scanned for virii right as they are received. If an email contains an infected attachment, the email is rejected at the MTA level.

SpamAssassin and SpamAssassin Milter:

The AV-SPAM integrates SpamAssassin 3.4.0 into Sendmail via a daemonized SpamAssassin and Spamass-Milter. This allows to check all emails that pass through your mail server for SPAM while the sending party is still delivering the mail. Emails with a very high SPAM score can be rejected at the MTA level during reception. Clean emails or emails with lower SPAM score are delivered to the intended recipients. At that point the individual AV-SPAM settings of the recipient kick in and SPAM emails can either be delivered marked as SPAM, or can be deleted on the server. Of course each email user on your BlueOnyx can use the AV-SPAM GUI to configure the SPAM related settings valid for his own email account. So each user can decide if SPAM is just marked and delivered, is quarantined into a separate IMAP folder, or is deleted directly on the server. Optionally a user can choose to disable the SPAM-filter entirely for his account.

SpamAssassin can scan both inbound mail (default) and outgoing mail (can be enabled optionally).

Greylist Milter:

Grey listing works by assuming that, unlike legitimate MTA, spam engines will not retry sending their junk mail on a temporary error. The filter will always reject mail temporarily on a first attempt, then accept it after some time has elapsed.

If spammers ever try to resend rejected messages, we can assume they will not stay idle between the two sends (if they do, the spam problem would just be solved). Odds are good that the spammer will send a mail to a honey pot address and get blacklisted in several real-time distributed black lists before the second attempt. The AV-SPAM v6 allows you to specify IP addresses and IP address ranges which are allowed to bypass Greylisting.

Updates & Support:

SpamAssassin and Clam AV both use automated updates to download new SpamAssassin rules and virus definitions. With the AV-SPAM v6 launch updated Clam AV virus scanners and updates to the AV-SPAM itself are delivered via NewLinQ instead of YUM. Support for the (older) AV-SPAM v5 ends on 30th November 2014. So if you have the old AV-SPAM v5 installed, then please upgrade to the new AV-SPAM v6 to continue to receive updates.

GUI integration:

Our AV-SPAM is tightly integrated into the GUI interface. The GUI allows you to configure all relevant settings, allows to monitor the installed services (via "Active Monitor" integration) and provides the extended Email Statistics on BlueOnyx 520XR with information about SPAM and Virus emails that were intercepted.


This PKG is available for all versions of BlueOnyx.

New Features in AV-Spam v6:

- Milter Greylist: Updated to v4.4.3
- SpamAssassin: Updated to v3.4.0
- GUI for BlueOnyx 5106R, 5107R, 5108R, 5207R and 5208R
- Tighter GUI integration via BlueOnyx modules
- GUI available in English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Itallian, Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese.
- Ability to edit Milter-Greylist settings
- Automatic setup and configuration of the MySQL-backend

The AV-SPAM v6.0.0 is also installed on the BlueOnyx demo server in case you want to take a look.

Link to product page

Oct 9, 2014 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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