Aventurin{e} 6108R released

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News from our sister project: Aventurin{e} 6108R has been released.

Usually we keep our projects separated, but there is some exciting news from the commercial Aventurin{e} side of the BlueOnyx family:

Aventurin{e} 6108R has been released and the new terms and conditions of the licensing now make the "Blade Edition" of it available to everyone without purchase.

Aventurin{e} has been around since late 2006 in various iterations and uses the same GUI interface as BlueOnyx to provide easy management of Virtual Private Servers. It uses OpenVZ as virtualization engine and can therefore "only" run Linux VPS's at this time. However, it runs BlueOnyx VPS's exceptionally fine and www.blueonyx.it as well as the entire development and mirror architecture has always been run on Aventurin{e}.

So if you don't know Aventurin{e} yet, then you might want to give it a test ride. The ISO image of it is available via the BlueOnyx mirrors.

If you already use Aventurin{e} 6106R, then you can easily upgrade your existing 6106R to 6108R via a YUM update.

Jul 27, 2016 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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