Scheduled Shop and NewLinQ outage

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The BlueOnyx shop and NewLinQ will be down from 25th-27th February 2017 for a server move.



Hi all,

The BlueOnyx shop and NewLinQ will be down from 25th-27th February 2017 for a server move from Australia to the US. We expect up to 48-52 hours of outage while the server is physically pulled from the Australian datacenter, packed up and flown to the US to be collocated there.

The webpages and services that will be affected are these:


The amount of data that needs to be moved made it impractical to make a transfer of the data over the network. Especially as much of the services are spread over various VPS and are interconnected anyway. Hence hauling the server and taking the hit in the form of a +48h downtime "rocks the boat" less than doing a move of individual VPS's and services.

We expect a return to service on 27th February late afternoon US central time.

Expected impact of the server move for BlueOnyx clients:

Purchased PKG's will continue to work even if the NewLinQ server doesn't respond. The PKG's use a license cache that (if NewLinQ responds) is valid a lot longer than the expected outage. And the cache updates daily if NewLinQ is available. So  during the downtime of NewLinQ your PKG's will operate on a cached version of the license that was pulled sometime on the 24th or 25th of February, which will be good for much longer than late 27th February when NewLinQ becomes reachable again.

During the outage the shop cannot be reached, so no new purchases can be made and no new or updated PKGs can be downloaded and installed via NewLinQ until the server is up again on 27th late afternoon US time. Nor can already purchased license extensions be installed.

YUM updates, the BlueOnyx webpage, mailing lists and email to BlueOnyx and Solarspeed will all still work during the outage, as they are physically on different servers from the one that's being hauled half around the world.

As the move happens on a weekend (25th is a Saturday, 27th is a Monday) we hope that the outage doesn't cause any undue discomfort.

Thank you for your understanding.

Feb 13, 2017 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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