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Personal message about the current state of the BlueOnyx development and the plans for the future.

Hello everyone,

Later this year BlueOnyx will be celebrating it’s 10th birthday. Just this week we had the 3000th SVN commit to the BlueOnyx SVN code repository during our continued effort to keep BlueOnyx current. We’re doing our best to keep BlueOnyx in tiptop shape and ready to meet not only your demands and requirements, but also to also keep ahead of trends to provide secure services.

In the last 10 years since its inception BlueOnyx has come a long way and just recently we added support for IPv6 support to BlueOnyx 5209R, which in itself was a four month all out effort that also streamlined and overhauled the GUI backend to perform fewer redundant transactions and brought us a really nice speed increase during constructor and handler runs.

BlueOnyx 5207R/5208R will reach the end of their life cycle on November 30, 2020 when CentOS 6 goes end-of-life. While this is still 21 months away we’re aware that many of you might not yet have made the move to BlueOnyx 5209R yet. To make it easier to facilitate the move of Vsites, Users and services between servers we are starting a new project that’s aptly called "EasyMigrate".

The goal of it is to provide the means to easily migrate a single Vsite (or multiple – or all of them) and all related services from one BlueOnyx to another. Including all Users, Emails, all associated MySQL/MariaDB databases, including those of installed WebApplications. "EasyMigrate" will come with a command line interface and a GUI interface and it will not use our traditional CMU, but a newly developed mechanism.

Once ready, "EasyMigrate" will be released as free add-on to and integral part of BlueOnyx.

However: The development of "EasyMigrate" will also be an effort that will take several months of coding and testing, during which the code maintenance on the rest of BlueOnyx continues unabated. It is also within the realms of possibility that RedHat 8 / CentOS 8 gets released sometime during the next 12-15 months. In which case we will of course create a BlueOnyx version that makes use of it (BlueOnyx 5210R).

Aventurin{e} 6108R users might also be interested to hear that Aventurin{e} 6109R will be released in the coming weeks and will have a smooth migration path to migrate VPS’s from 6108R to 6109R. Aventurin{e} 6109R will be able to continue to host containerized VPS’s (same as 6108R), but will also be able to run KVM’s in the same effortless fashion.

It would be of tremendous help if you would be willing to support the continued development of BlueOnyx and Aventurin{e} by sponsoring the development with a donation. Anything – no matter how small or big – will be a tremendous help.

  BlueOnyx is available free of charge. For all purposes, may they be personal, commercial, educational or whatever else you might want to use it for. However: Keeping BlueOnyx updated, adding new features to it and releasing updated ISO images is a lot of work. If you like BlueOnyx, then please consider donating something to the project. Thank you and enjoy using BlueOnyx!

My heartfelt thanks to all BlueOnyx and Aventurin{e} users and onward to the next ten years ...

With best regards,

Michael Stauber

Mar 2, 2018 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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