BlueOnyx Update: Net2FTP integration

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BlueOnyx 5207R, 5208R and 5209R just received an update that integrates Net2FTP into the GUI.

Teaching new users how to use a FTP client can be somewhat burdensome as most of the newer crowd is already too used to use web based upload mechanisms such as you find in applications like Wordpress.

To make things a bit easier we just added an integration of Net2FTP. This is a slightly modified version that removes the login form, ties Net2FTP into our CCEd for authentication and locks it down so that it can only connect to the server that it is installed on.

It is available in the "Programs" menu under the menu entry "File Manager":

By default it is only available to users who match the following criteria:

  • User is 'admin' or a 'systemAdministrator'.
  • User is not a 'reseller'.
  • User is a siteAdmin.
  • User is a member of a Vsite that has 'FTP available for non-siteAdmin' enabled.

In order to work you - of course - must have FTP enabled on your BlueOnyx itself.

Net2FTP can also connect to the server by SSH and provide the same functionality it does via FTP. However: In that case the user account must have Shell access enabled and SSH must allow password authentication. For user 'admin' and 'systemAdministrator' SSH will be used (if present, enabled and password authentication is possible), otherwise it'll use FTP instead.

Via the "File Manager" menu entry a user can upload/download files, can copy, move, delete, rename, chmod, Zip or Unzip files and/or folders. It is also possible to upload Zipfiles and to have them directly extracted. Editing and viewing of files is also possible. All this of course assumes that the user has sufficient privileges to do so via FTP (or SSH - if used instead).

By clicking on the bent arrow in the upper right corner you can open the Net2FTP window in a bigger (and resizeable) pop-up window.

Although Net2FTP is reachable on an external URL at the GUI ports it can only be used if accessed via the GUI interface for security reasons.

May 3, 2018 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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