"Easy Migrate" has been released

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The long awaited "Easy Migrate" for BlueOnyx 5209R (and 5210R) has been released.

There is this old saying that two times moved via CMU is as good as one hard disk crash with partial data loss. Which is a bit harsh, but we all know cases where the old Cobalt Migration Utility performed below our expectations, right?

Even if CMU worked flawlessly: You still had tons of things left to complete manually: Exporting/importing DNS and MySQL records and also fiddling with all kinds of settings on the new server to replicate the configuration you were used to.

But no more. "Easy Migrate" is here and this is what an easy an painless migration of a single Vsite can look like:


And here is Easy Migrate's "business card" that explains the available options:


It can import the source servers settings for the relevant services (it won't reconfigure SSH for security reasons, though), it can import all DNS records (including DNS Slave Zones and DNS include files), all MysQL databases and users (except for "root") and it can either import all Vsites or just a selected few. If you had PKGs installed on the source server and have the same PKGs installed on the target server? In that case Easy Migrate will also migrate their settings and data. It also tries to retain the "siteX" group names of Vsites on migrations, provided that group name isn't already in use on the target server.

In any case: Check out the documentation of Easy Migrate and give it a try. Find out how easy migrations now have become.

Jul 26, 2019 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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