5209R: CentOS 7.7 has been released

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CentOS 7.7 has been released and the updates are available via YUM.

CentOS 7.7 has been released last night. So when you "yum update" your BlueOnyx 5209R servers you'll get all the latest CentOS updates installed in one go.

It is highly recommended to install these updates as soon as possible as they contain a fair chunk of important security fixes.

As this update contains fixes for critical components such as Systemd, DeviceMapper and the Kernel it is recommended to reboot your 5209R after installing these updates.

Potential problems:

I've just updated a whole bunch of BlueOnyx 5209R servers from 7.6 to 7.7 and the only problems I've encountered so far were related to two pieces of additional (entirely optional) software:


If you have a MariaDB PKG from the shop installed, then please check that your MariaDB still runs after the YUM update. We just had a few cases where the latest MariaDB-10.4 got messed up during the YUM update. This doesn't seem to be a general problem as the systems with MariaDB 10.4 that I updated myself all exhibited no issues during or after the YUM updates. However, a client had his Systemd Unit file and several binaries and libraries replaced, making MariaDB fail on restart. If your shop supplied MariaDB exhibits problems after the YUM update, then please do this: Identify where MariaDB stores its databases. It should be /var/lib/mysql, but could also be /home/mysql with /var/lib/mysql being a symlink. Make a copy of the database directory and then uninstall and reinstall the MariaDB shop PKG to solve the issue. 


If you happen to run the PDNS DNS Resolver then please make sure that you're not running the one from the [pdns-recursor-MIND] YUM repository. The one from Epel is fine.

Sep 17, 2019 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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