BlueOnyx 5209R: XFS file system

Posted by: mstauber Category: General

We just published YUM updates and a new ISO which make XFS the default file system for BlueOnyx 5209R.

BlueOnyx 5210R already uses XFS as default and prior to release it had received all the changes for the GUI backend so that the GUI could deal with disk quota on XFS. These changes have now been backported to BlueOnyx 5209R and that allows us to make XFS the new default for 5209R.

An updated BlueOnyx 5209R ISO image has been released which (for all partitioning options) uses XFS. Additionally the manual install instructions for BlueOnyx 5209R have been updated to reflect these changes as well.

Using XFS instead of EXT4 has some practical benefits. XFS can handle larger volumes and has a much faster journal recovery after unclean shutdowns.

Nov 17, 2019 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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