BlueOnyx & Aventurin{e} - Australia day sale - update

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We're now rolling out the good stuff!

Small update to the "Australia Day Sale" in the BlueOnyx Shop, which we mentioned in detail here.

At the moment, those of you with support subscriptions will be noticing lots of new files available in NewLinq. Greg is doing a whole lot of web application package rebuilds for BlueOnyx 5210R.

Likewise Michael has been busy overhauling the AV-SPAM and v7.0.0 of it is now available on NewLinQ for BlueOnyx 5210R as well.

The good news: Anyone that had an active support subscription on the 1st of October or purchased after 1st of October will get access to the new BlueOnyx 5210R packages for those purchases.

Now is a great time to visit the store if you are thinking of upgrading to BlueOnyx 5210R soon. And recall: The new "Easy-Migrate" makes migrating from older BlueOnyx to BlueOnyx 5210R really easy.

Dec 10, 2019 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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