5209R/5210R: YUM Updates

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A large number of updates have been released for BlueOnyx 5209R and 5210R to fix various pending issues.

Mailman (5209R/5210R):

Functionality of the GUI buttons to access a mailing list Admin-Interface and the mailing list Archives has been restored. Recent changes in Firefox and Chrome no longer allowed that content to be displayed in an Iframe unless the content was served via HTTPS.

MySQL/MariaDB (5209R/5210R):

MySQL or MariaDB database names and user names might now again contain a dash (-).

Nginx (5209R/5210R):

Updated to apply two config changes to Nginx's default configuration, dealing with the accessibility of Mailman URLs via the GUI.

SSL (5209R/5210R):

On SSL certificate imports via the GUI or via Easy-Migrate the file 'nginx_cert_ca_combined' containing the certificate and CA-certificates did not get created automatically. This has been fixed.

SWUpdate (5210R):

Small fix in GUI procedure that displays available updates.

User (5209R/5210R):

Small change in database Schema for ImapSync to fix a potential issue during Easy-Migrate migrations.

Easy-Migrate (5209R/5210R):

An additional procedure now checks on Vsite creations if /etc/group has erroneous siteX groups that don't have matching Vsites. If such a conflict is detected, then the erroneous group will be deleted automatically so that the initial Vsite creation can proceed without error.

Small change in User import routine to fix a potential issue with ImapSync. 

Pending Updates:

There are two further changes pending for the 5210R Postfix implementation, which might get released sometime later this week.

Additionally it turned out that one GUI element ("FancyButton") that we're currently using in the BlueOnyx GUI to display content in Iframes is now getting a little problematic. Recent changes in Firefox and Chrome no longer allow to display active content from other URLs in an Iframe.

Example: If the GUI runs on https://www.blueonyx.it:81/, then it no longer is possible to show http://lists.blueonyx.it/mailman/ in an Iframe.

We use the "FancyButton" GUI element in quite a few places in the GUI and in some cases we can fix the implementation by adjusting the URL, but in other cases we'll need to replace it with a button that either launches a new browser window or opens the desired content in a new tab.

Changes to the various pages that use this button will eventually be forthcoming to restore that functionality.

Work-around: Should you encounter such a non-working button that pops up a blank Iframe, then close that Iframe and do a right-click on the button and select "open in new window". But like said: It'll get fixed properly in a bit.


Oct 26, 2020 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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