5210R: ISO image updated

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AlmaLinux 8.4 has been released. An updated ISO image for BlueOnyx 5210R has been published.

We released an updated ISO image for BlueOnyx 5210R, containing all updates and enhancements that had been published to the YUM repositories since the last release. As always: Existing BlueOnyx 5210R installs can of course be YUM updated to the latest version without the need for a reinstall.

Newest 5210R version (EFI and non-EFI support):


Please note: This is a somewhat bastardized image in so far that it does install BlueOnyx 5210R and AlmaLinux 8.4, but for that it uses the AlmaLinux 8.3 installer from the previously released ISO images. The installers from the AlmaLinux 8.4 ISO have inherited an issue from upstream where the installer might sit for ages waiting for the answer from a DHCP server before it finally times out with a Dracut error message that terminates the install. Using the first and second stage installers from the older ISO helps us to get around this issue for now.

May 27, 2021 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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