5210R: ISO image updated & Subdomain SSL

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An updated ISO image for BlueOnyx 5210R has been published that includes new Subdomain handling.

We just published a new BlueOnyx 5210R ISO image (based on AlmaLinux 8.4) that includes all patches as of today. Likewise: Updated VDI and VMDK images have also been released today.

These images also contain YUM updates for 5210R that introduce a modified handling for Vsite Subdomains:

Subdomains can now have SSL enabled, provided you either install a wildcard SSL certificate or use Let's Encrypt and request validity of the cert for the subdomains as well. The GUI page where you request the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate allows you to add the FQDN's of existing Subdomains to a new certificate request. Please make sure that all Subdomains have working DNS A Records, though.

Additionally user owned Subdomains are back. Means: If a Vsite has the feature 'Subdomain' enabled, you can go to the user management, select a user and can tick the checkbox 'Subdomain for User'. This will create a /web directory in the Users home directory that is accessible via http(s)://<username>.<domain>.<tld>/

If the Vsite has PHP enabled, then PHP will also be enabled and working for the Subdomain(s) and it will use the same PHP settings as for the Vsite's webspace.

Jul 1, 2021 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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