5209R/5210R: Clam AV and MariaDB updates available

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Updated Clam AV and MariaDB PKGs are available via the BlueOnyx shop and NewLinQ.

The following new or updated PKGs are now available via NewLinQ for purchase or to those who have the respective products or bundles containing them purchased and have still ongoing access to updates:

BlueOnyx 5209R:

  • 5209R-MariaDB-10.2.41-1.pkg
  • 5209R-MariaDB-10.3.32-1.pkg
  • 5209R-MariaDB-10.4.22-1.pkg
  • 5209R-MariaDB-10.5.13-1.pkg
  • 5209R-MariaDB-10.6.5-1.pkg
  • 5209R-solarspeed-clamav-0.103.4-1.pkg

BlueOnyx 5210R:

  • 5210R-MariaDB-10.4.22-1.pkg
  • 5210R-MariaDB-10.5.13-1.pkg
  • 5210R-MariaDB-10.6.5-1.pkg
  • 5210R-solarspeed-clamav-0.103.4-1.pkg


Clam AV:

Newer versions of Clam AV are getting *really* shitty to build and package. Even the Epel guys currently don't have RPMs for the latest Clam AV 0.104.1. I suspect they are equally banging their heads against the wall like I did when I tried to build it.

However, as we had fallen quite behind with Clam AV updates I did the next best thing and managed to roll up a 0.103.4-1 instead, which is from November this year.

Long term I am considering dropping Clam AV from the AV-SPAM, as it's usefulness is approaching zero anyway. But we'll see. For now this version will have to do.


Both 5209R and 5210R already come with MariaDB. The one on 5209R is rather old, but kept secure by OS provided patches. Same applies for the MariaDB-10.3 that ships with BlueOnyx 5210R.

If you need a newer MariaDB, then you can use the shop provided PKGs to install a version that suits you. But keep in mind that newer isn't always better.

Once you HAVE upgraded MariaDB, there is no easy way back. Sure, the PKGs can be uninstalled via the GUI and that will then reinstall the OS provided (older) MariaDB.

BUT: That will refuse to run with the MariaDB databases from the previous upgrades as they have already been converted to a format that the older MariaDB server will not be able to handle.

So uninstalling the MariaDB PKG(s) will leave you with a non-working set of databases. The only way to recover from this is if you have a MySQL-dump from before the downgrade and try to recover from that. And even that may have its quirks.

The MariaDB PKGs have a clear warning about this and it's shown during the installation. Please heed that warning. There is not much that we can do about it.

Either way: Have a great holiday season, a Merry Christmas and a great start into a New Year!

Dec 22, 2021 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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