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Updates for BlueOnyx were released today and are now available through YUM.

The following updates for BlueOnyx were released today and are now available through YUM:



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These package addresses the following issues:


This RPM installs a fixed "Cobalt Migration Utility". The CMU released last week had another critical issue that required extensive fixing. Although it seemed to work fine, all cmuExports generated from it will restore the public websites with the wrong UID ("root" - instead of what it should rather be). This has now been fixed. Along with other drastic improvements:

  • Version number was increased to CMU 2.80-0BX04 for better compatability with BlueQuartz.
  • Fixed a bug that caused that all public web files were owned by "root" after cmuImport.
  • Removed password dialogue from cmuImport for all platforms but RaQ550 and TLAS.
  • Added checks to cmuImport and cmuExport to make double sure only a root user can run them.
  • File size of exported tarballs is now reported correctly by cmuExport (if they are larger than 1MB).
  • Fixed import issue for sites with SSL certificates (misleading error message was generated).
  • Imported several improvements from BlueQuartz CMU 2.66-0BQ18 which we had not yet in our code.
  • Fixed issue that might prevent imports of suspended users.
  • Fixed issue where restored mailing list lost their reply behaviour settings.
  • Added new error message for Vsite imports on Aventurin{e} with unavailable IP addresses.
  • Fixed issue where the first extracted file from a user's public tarball couldn't be chowned correctly.

Please note: If you use CMU to backup your server, then please be sure to yum update as soon as possible.

For BlueQuartz only:

Furthermore we released a PKG that allows to install this latest version of CMU on platforms powered by our sister project BlueQuartz. This updated CMU provides the BlueQuartz CMU with the following new capabilities and fixes:

  • Ability to import BlueOnyx sites and users
  • Ability to import BlueApp sites and users
  • Fixes empty mail spool issue after cmuImport
  • All of the improvements listed above.

The BlueQuartz PKG (it's really only needed on BlueQuartz - not BlueOnyx!) is available here.


Improved interactions with CMU when PHP security settings of Vsites were imported with CMU. The sites now get restored with ...

the correct PHP security settings if the export was generated on BlueOnyx

... or ...

the default PHP security settings if the export was generated somewhere else.

Additionally Vsite's PHP settings for "open_basedir" restrictions no longer inherit the path from the old site root, but use the correct (new) site root instead.

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