5106R/5107R YUM updates

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YUM updates for BlueOnyx 5106R and 5107R have been released today.

The following YUM updates have just been released:

base-vsite (5106R + 5107R):

The recently added GUI pages that allow you to define a start and stop time and date for vacation messages often showed the wrong time. Instead of displaying the time based on the servers time zone (like 'Europe/Berlin' or 'America/NewYork') it defaulted to the UTC times.

To fix this we now add the line 'date.timezone' in /etc/admserv/php.ini and /etc/php.ini (or its pendant from a supported third party PHP package) with the configured timezone that you have configured for your server.

Additionally base-vsite was updated in so far, that the separate php.ini's suPHP enabled Vsites now also receive a corresponding 'date.timezone' line.

base-time (5106R + 5107R):

The GUI page under "System Settings" / "Time" also didn't behave all too well and may have shown the system time incorrectly. This has been fixed.

sausalito-palette (5106R + 5107R):

The Sausalito UIFC class 'TimeStamp' used to default the time to UTC when displaying the pulldowns for date and time. This has been fixed as well.

Sep 7, 2011 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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