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Introducing BlueOnyx

BlueOnyx is a Linux distribution (based on CentOS and/or Scientific Linux) which aims at delivering a turnkey server appliance for webhosting. It comes with a web based GUI interface which allows you (and your email, FTP and webhosting clients!) to manage most aspects of the server, its sites and accounts through a browser based interface. It is open source software, released under a Sun modified BSD license.

BlueOnyx is a modernized fork of BlueQuartz and has been developed by SOLARSPEED.NET. A lot of improvements and enhancements went into BlueOnyx over the years and we are comitted to develop it further. BlueOnyx includes reseller management, support for Java Servlet Pages, built in email statistics, Imapsync email migrations, SSH key/cert management, phpMyAdmin for you and your webhosting clients and provisions to automatically create MySQL databases and users for each virtual site.

A list of features and improvements is available here.

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